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In search of the finest filter coffee beans? Look no further. Discover our curated selection of beans, expertly roasted for your preferred filter brewing methods like V60, Chemex, and Kalita Wave. These methods create a coffee experience unlike any other, boasting a delicate strength and tea-like character. Crafted from premium Arabica beans, our light-roasted offerings unfold their distinctive acidity, sweetness, and floral notes through the extended extraction process, delivering a truly remarkable cup.

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How to get the most out of your filter coffee beans?

Filter coffee once was the unpopular, bitter-tasting beverage that was only consumed as a last resort. But today, filter coffee has become an indispensable part of the coffee world! Thanks to new roasting methods and creative coffee preparations, filter coffee has been gaining significant popularity for years, and rightfully so! It tastes delightful, provided the right preparation is in place.

In this video, we'll show you how to get the most out of your filter coffee beans and achieve a wonderful brewing result.

Lightly roasted Arabica beans are best suited for filter coffee! The complex acids and sweetness harmonize especially well in the tea-like character of filter coffee.

For filter coffee, we recommend a ratio of 60-65g per liter. This is roughly equivalent to 6 heaped tablespoons of coffee per liter.

A standard recipe, for example, is 18g of coarsely ground filter coffee beans to 300g of water with a brew time of approximately 3 minutes.

A standard recipe for 2 cups of exquisite filter coffee is:

  • 18g coarsely ground filter coffee beans (e.g., lightly roasted Arabicas)
  • 300g water at 90-96° Celsius
  • Rinse the filter paper in the filter holder
  • Add coffee grounds
  • Pour 40-60g of water over the entire grounds, swivel the filter holder (Blooming Phase)
  • Wait for 30-45 seconds
  • Pour the remaining water up to 300g, swivel, and let it drip
  • Stir the brewed coffee once and enjoy!

You can find the full instructions here: