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Whether you’re using a French Press, AeroPress, or the classic drip coffee maker, you’ll find the perfect filter coffee beans tailored to your taste. Our single-origin Arabica beans, lightly roasted, unleash their full aromatic acidity, sweetness, and floral notes through the extended extraction process. For those who prefer a more traditional profile with chocolatey roasted nuances, we also offer medium-roasted filter coffee beans for purchase. Dive into our selection and find the ideal filter coffee beans for your brewing method.

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Filter coffee is deeply rooted in our culture and often evokes wonderful memories and nostalgic feelings. However, in the past, traditional filter coffee had the reputation of being an unpopular, bitter drink that was only drunk out of necessity. But in recent years, the image has changed, cause to new roasting methods and creative preparations, filter coffee is becoming increasingly popular - and quite rightly so! When it is prepared correctly, it develops a wonderful taste. To avoid the well-known bitterness, you can buy filter coffee beans light-roasted with plenty of acidity for your filter coffee. This allows you to enjoy a round, sweet and fruity drink that is reminiscent of tea and perfect for cold winter days. If you want to learn the art of making premium filter coffee and already own a Hario V60, Kalita Wave or any other filter holder, you're probably eager to learn the best tips and tricks for making a perfect cup - you can find them in the following YouTube video:

  1. Preparation: Place the filter cone on the glass container and fold and insert the filter paper. For filter coffee, we use 6g of coffee per 100g of water. For this example here, we use 18g of ground coffee beans for filter coffee and 300g of water.
  2. Wash the filter: Rinse the filter paper thoroughly with hot water to preheat it and remove the paper taste.
  3. Grind: Grind the coffee just before brewing, preferably with a hand grinder or electric coffee grinder to preserve the flavor. We choose a medium to coarse grind.
  4. Pour in the coffee powder: Distribute the ground coffee powder evenly in the filter.
    Brew and start a timer – Blooming: Start the timer and make the first brew by pouring three times the volume of water compared to the coffee powder (3x18g=54 g in the example) to fully moisten the coffee powder.
  5. Brewing and starting the stopwatch – Blooming: Start the stopwatch and make the first brew by pouring three times the volume of water compared to the coffee powder (3x18g=54 g in the example) to fully moisten the coffee powder.
  6. Brewing: After waiting 30 seconds, pour water in a circular motion along the edge until the target weight of 300g of water is reached. Be careful not to pour over the coffee bed or the filter paper. After brewing, mix the coffee-water mixture with a gentle swing.
  7. Stop the brewing time when all the water has run through the coffee. Aim for a brewing time between 2 and 3 minutes.
  8. If the brewing time takes longer than 3 minutes or the coffee tastes bitter, grind the coffee beans coarser next time.

For filter coffee with a filter holder, we use a medium to coarse grind. The water should have a lead time of approximately 3 minutes – is this time too short, the filter coffee will taste acidicy and watery -> grind the coffee finer; if the lead time is too long, the filter coffee is too bitter and intense -> grind the coffee coarser.

If the coffee is too acidic for you despite good brewing, you can buy a darker roasted bean for filter coffee; if the taste is too bitter, you can buy a lighter roasted bean for filter coffee.

Light to medium roast

If the coffee seems too acidic despite careful preparation, we recommend choosing a slightly darker roast for your filter coffee. If, on the other hand, the taste is too bitter, try a lighter roast for your filter coffee instead. The roast has a significant influence on the taste of the coffee and can help you find the perfect balance for your individual taste.