Coffee Cups for Espresso and Cappuccino

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The choice of the right coffee cups...

...not only influences the visual experience but also the ratio of espresso to milk in your coffee. The size and shape of the cup play a crucial role in the presentation and taste of your drink, as well as how well you can master latte art. Explore various coffee recipes in our video and learn how the choice of the cup affects the enjoyment:

The coffee cup can have a significant impact on your coffee experience. It not only influences the appearance of the drink but also its taste, temperature, and mouthfeel. The shape of the cup can guide and enhance the aromas, while the material affects the warmth of the coffee. In the ratio of espresso to milk, the cup size is important to maintain the balance between coffee and milk. Therefore, choosing the right coffee cups can significantly contribute to enjoying your coffee in its best form.

Coffee cups come in various sizes, ranging from about 150 ml to 350 ml. The standard size for an espresso cup is typically around 60 ml to 90 ml, while a typical cup for drip coffee or an Americano holds about 250 ml to 300 ml. Cappuccino cups usually have a capacity of about 150 ml to 180 ml, while Latte Macchiato glasses are often larger and can hold between 250 ml and 350 ml. Choosing the right cup size depends on your preferences, the type of coffee, and the amount of milk or water you want to use.