Choosing the right coffeemachine with a portafilter can be quite overwhelming! There are thousands of models in different price ranges, from 500 to 5’000 Euros, all made of stainless steel. Here’s our selection, based on our positive experiences

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How you'll find the right coffeemachine?

Each type of coffeemachine has its pros and cons. Here's a brief overview to help you find the best fit. Regardless of which coffee machine you ultimately choose, proper cleaning is essential for longevity. Anything that comes into contact with coffee needs periodic degreasing, and anything in contact with water needs to be descaled or operated with only non-calcified water.

  • Single boiler machines have a single boiler inside and are especially suitable for espresso enthusiasts. They are compact, affordable, and heat up quickly. However, foaming milk may be a bit more troublesome.
  • Dual boiler machines, on the other hand, are like having two machines in one, with one boiler for coffee temperature and another for steam temperature. They offer consistent results for both espresso and steam, making them ideal for connoisseurs who want to get the most out of their espresso beans.
  • Dual circuit machines are a compromise between single boiler and dual boiler machines, suitable for those who enjoy making milk drinks but don't necessarily need top-tier results in the cup.

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Proper cleaning and maintenance are key to the longevity of a coffeemachine. Taking good care of it will ensure you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The filters and the portafilter head must be thoroughly cleaned to remove coffee oils and residues. Regular descaling is particularly important to eliminate lime deposits and ensure the proper functioning of your portafilter for high-quality coffee.